Co-Creating Brands provides the next generation of managers with the necessary knowledge and skills to work with the complex subject of branding in a fast changing and networked world.” –  Charles Trevail, CEO, Interbrand Group.

“Ind and Schmidt pull together cutting-edge thoughts on how brands may come to be created through a co-created process in which varying constituents all play a part in the brand’s construction and maintenance. The book contains contributions from an impressive group of prestigious figures, as it takes theory and shows how it can be turned into practice. Everyone with an interest in modern brand management will benefit from Co-Creating Brands” –  Barry J. Babin, Morris Lewis Professor of Marketing, University of Mississippi.

“Co-creation has become the only way to think about brands. In Co-creating Brands, Ind and Schmidt bring this reality to life by showing how the power of consumers to influence brands provides tremendous opportunities for those organizations that adopt an open attitude and are willing to learn from others” –  Salima Douven, Director of Digital Strategy & Operations, Henkel.

Ind and Schmidt and their co-creators offer the brand management student a contemporary way of thinking. They teach how to build brands in networks in which a variety of different interest groups interact with each other and with the company. Their examples from all over the world show that brand co-creation is not only theoretically convincing, but also clearly helps brands to succeed in the marketplace.” –  Jörg Henseler, Professor and Chair of Product-Market Relations, University of Twente.

“Brands are a lighthouse in an ineluctably changing world. But many consumers want to be more than shoppers, they want a sense of partnership. That’s where wise managers can leverage this clear-cut and thorough book which encourages you to explore collaborative creativity and brand management further. Professors Ind and Schmidt provide you a step-by-step guide to setting up and managing a co-creative brand management system, that will sustain your brand in this era of upheaval and transformation.” –  Nicolas Bry, Founder of Orange Intrapreneurs Studio.