Co-creation works

Having written the book ‘Co-creating Brands’, we have now been spending time presenting it and discussing the content. We have had two very participative online events, hosted by Interbrand and C Space  – one for Germany and one for Russia. As well as sharing our ideas with managers, talking about the book has also been an opportunity for reflection. It has reminded us of the core principles that underpin co-creation and the benefits it can deliver. This comes through when you start to look at Interbrand’s best global brands and the two most important drivers of brand value: relevance and responsiveness. These drivers are intimately connected with getting close to customers and the ability to deliver powerful experiences – both of which are central to co-creation.  It’s also hardly surprising that many of the co-creative brands we researched for the book (SAP, IKEA, adidas and Siemens) have high brand value.  Inevitably with a book you thoughts are fixed at the point of publication, but we’re still learning as we go along.

Q&A with Nicholas Ind

In an interesting Q&A session, Nicholas Ind shared his thoughts on open innovation, brand co-creation, and intrapreneurship with Nicolas Bry from Orange. You find the interview here.