Is conscience a joint exercise?

Peter Brown, a colleague and friend from Medinge and a mastermind on brands and sustainability, raised the following question today:

“If traditional brand direction and management was inside out, monodirectional and organisational, then presumably so was ‘conscience’, from within the organisation expressed outwards (‘here is our conscience, and here we are communicating it to you’). Is part of co-creation that ‘conscience’ also is a shared exercise between many stakeholders? So rather than ‘here is our conscience, hope you believe us’, conscience is a joint exercise and is built up in a co-creative capacity, over time, rather than just a solid, monolithic ‘take it or leave it’?”

Hmmm, we’ll have to think about this. Oriol Iglesias from ESADE Barcelona, in his book contribution ‘ HOW CO-CREATION CAN BOOST TRUST IN CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY‘, writes something connected to Peter’s thought, but Peter’s question goes farther, beyond CSR. Definitely great food for though, so we thought that we share it on the book’s website.

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